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Smart Hair Extensions: Your Best Solutions

by Parba
Hair Extensions

If we want mermaid lengths, but not the patience to grow our hair out, extensions are the perfect solution.

Be careful to maintain the hair extensions well. Hair extensions are increasingly in demand among women looking for length and thickness. For a dream mane, they no longer hesitate to adopt them. Zoom on what to do and what not to do with additions.

The Priority: Take Care of It

The first thing to know before having hair extensions installed is that it is essential to take care of them and adopt a special routine. Detangle gently, preferably with a boar bristle brush, every morning and every evening, but also before each wash and use, or even abuse, conditioners and other treatments to keep a natural look. Before going to bed, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing and detangling treatment to its additions. For the night, it is advisable to make a mat to avoid knots as much as possible the next morning, because they severely damage the hair extensions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Be careful to adopt the right hair routine, because a mistake can quickly happen. It is forbidden to wash your hair every day, the correct frequency being one to two shampoos per week. Before, we disentangle the hair using a brush and not a comb, and after, we dry the hair as much as possible by placing it in a towel. The ideal is not to use a hairdryer, which will damage the extension. If you have no choice, use the cold air button or a low temperature and proceed to dry from a distance of about 15 centimeters. The brushing step should be avoided as much as possible. The hairdryer would bring too much heat to the root and risk peeling keratin hair extensions. You can use a straightener, but with care.

Stop Preconceived Ideas

Hair extensions suffer from many misconceptions. The first concerns washing the hair. There are no problems with shampooing as long as you stick to a certain routine and don’t rub too hard. If you opt for natural hair extensions, know that it is completely possible to color and even perm. Do not deprive yourself of water recreation. They are not incompatible with your lengths. It is advisable to tie them up, or even to put on a swimming cap to avoid the inconvenience caused by chlorine. It is also recommended not to multiply outings to the hammam. In any case, always ask your hairdresser for advice, who will provide you with the most accurate information according to your situation.

The Installation of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

There are three different techniques for applying for hair extensions:

Cold hair extensions: extensions are attached to the strands of hair either with an invisible vegetable glue (called synthetic keratin) or with metal rings attached to the base of the hair by a clamp. Rings are often used for Afro hair, for example.

Another technique, hot extensions: This consists of applying keratin and hardening it with heated tweezers.

Clip-in extensions: finally, are the easiest to put on and take off. They are also and logically the least sustainable.

In general, remember that the technique of fixing cold extensions based on vegetable glue is the safest and the least aggressive for your hair. Indeed, braiding, gluing, weaving damage the hair which can break, in the worst case.

Do Extensions Damage The Hair?

Hair extensions are not without risk for the hair, it’s a fact. To be sure of the result and damage your hair as little as possible, choose natural hair, and a fixation based on synthetic keratin (vegetable glue) cold. These are the techniques offered in particular by Great Lengths. Of course, the cost is higher but the risk is almost zero, unlike other techniques which really put your hair at risk.

Is The Installation And Removal Of Extensions Painful?

Of course not. The first days after installation, you may feel a little discomfort at most due to the weight of the extension strand, by nature heavier than your hair. The first night is sometimes a little difficult: with our heads on the pillow, we have the impression that we have forgotten a few clips in our hair. As for the removal, the hairdresser pulls a little on each strand to remove them, without this being painful.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Extensions can last from a few days to five months, depending on how fast your hair grows: the longer you wait, the more likely the attachment points are visible. The qualities of the extensions you have chosen as well as the care you take in their maintenance are also important: every day, you must brush your hair conscientiously morning and evening. In addition, and if you have fragile hair, we cannot recommend enough that you keep it for two to three months at most, at the risk of weakening your hair even more.

What about Removing Hair Extensions?

When you decide to remove your extensions, it is imperative to go to a hairdresser specializing in hair extensions. To shoot them so that they leave is indeed absolutely not possible. The technique for removing extensions depends on the type of extensions you have chosen.


The “basic” extensions are synthetic. They are produced in the factory, mainly from plastic and petroleum. Natural hair extensions, on the other hand, are natural. They come exclusively from India. Indian women have hair similar to that of Western women, unlike Asian women, for example, who have much thicker hair than ours. Indian hair is also particularly prized by hair extension companies because it is so-called “virgin” hair: it has not received any treatment or coloring which could have altered its quality.

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