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Proper Taking Care of the Leather Shoes: How Is That Possible?

by Parba
Woman Leather Shoes

No one will be surprised that we are now talking about a part that is certainly important in the life of the gentleman that you are: the interview.

Between the essential accessories, the choice of products and the right methods to take good care of your shoes, there is something hang to lose. Here then, just for you, everything you need to know on the subject.

Maintain the Shape of Your Shoes: Shoe Trees

Their presence in your shoes is the sine qua non for their longevity, which is to say that it is an important purchase that should not be overlooked. They absorb moisture better and are much stronger than those made from plastic. So How To Care for Leather Shoes? Let us find that out.

Each Brush Has Its Own Function: Clean Your Shoes: The Scraper

The scraper scrubs the surface of the leather thanks to very dense horsehair. Practical on a daily basis, it should only be used for dusting and preparation for cleaning.

Shine Your Shoes: The Polishing Brush

It will restore the shine to the leather when you have applied a cream or polish to it. The hair is here more flexible, so as not to damage the fine layers of shoe polish on the surface.

Keep the Skin Smooth: The Crepe Brush

A crepe or brass brush is essential to preserve the velvet appearance of sueded and nu-buck leathers. Depending on the model, it is generally between 5 and 10 $.

For Waxing: The Palot Brush

The palot brush is used to apply the shoe polish and is therefore much smaller than the others. At $ 5 at Bexley, that should be more than enough. If possible, take one light and one dark, or one dedicated to cream and the other to shoe polish, to avoid color mixing.

Shine Shoes with Chamois

The chamois shine the shoe after waxing or glazing. It is not essential, but if you are not close to $ 4.

The Sticky Wire Brush, the Friend of Goodyear Rigs

The greasy wire brush will be used by owners of Goodyear mounted shoes, in order to nourish the welt as well as the sewing thread.

Nourish Smooth Leather

Woman Leather Shoes

The cleansing milk cleans the leather in depth, thus preventing it from drying out, cracking. It often contains a little alcohol but should not be too aggressive. Nourishing creams made from beeswax are ideal for nourishing leather and restoring suppleness. There are colorless ones that adapt to all smooth shoes, but they can leave a whitish deposit after a while.We therefore recommend colored references, to be chosen slightly darker than the color of the shoe to be maintained. Shoe polish, generally considered to be a nourishing product, is in fact only essentially intended to remain on the surface. It shines and can also provide superb nuances: a blue shoe polish on black leather or mahogany on brown gives very good results, especially if you ice the shoe.

Finally, the renovator will nourish, re-color and waterproof the shoe. You can’t put any fat on suede or a nu-buck that goes without saying, so this product is in the form of a spray. Again and if possible, choose a shade a little darker than that of the leather. It will cost around twenty euros for the Sapphire “gold medal”.

Small Daily Steps to Take Care of Your Shoes

You will see that there is really nothing complicated. After each wearing, pass a little brush to dust them, and slide in the shoe trees so as to tighten the leather. Then, if you have had a downpour, don’t panic: the shoes can easily take a few drops. However, when you get home, the ideal is to stuff them with newspaper and hang them to dry on their side, so that the moisture contained in the sole can evaporate without forgetting the shoe trees of course. On the other hand, never place them next to a heat source, especially if they are humid.

How Often Should You Take Care Of Your Shoes?

In addition to the daily actions that we have just seen, it will be impossible to escape them: you will have to use your vigorous arms in order to clean and pamper your shoes. An operation would be good to repeat once or twice a month, depending on how often you wear it. The objective is to rid the leather of polishes and other polishes and to nourish it. We will distinguish between the maintenance of smooth leather shoes and suede leather shoes.

Maintaining Smooth Leather Shoes: How Do You Go About It?

Unless you have leather laces, know that it is best to remove them from the shoe before any manipulation. With a scraper brush, vigorously rub the skin to remove surface dust and dirt. We do not forget the edges of the sole and various seams. Then, using a cloth carefully wrapped around the middle finger and index finger, it will literally be necessary to clean the leather. Apply a little universal milk on the cotton cloth and rub in a circular fashion, insisting on the folds of ease.

The objective is not to strip the leather but rather to get rid of the dirt. In principle, the layers of shoe polish and any excess cream previously applied will be deposited on the fabric. Do not hesitate now to drink a good cold beer and take a break of ten minutes, to give the product time to soak up and evaporate.

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