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Amazing Food & Drinks to have while visiting Dubai

by Parba
Food & Drinks

Full enjoyment in Dubai is possible with the proper enjoyment, and here we talk about all of it and more that you can do at the place now.

Dubai is the crown gem of the United Arab Emirates, which is unlike any other location on the planet. In the past, pearls were found in abundance in Dubai, and divers risked their lives going as deep as 40 meters in the quest for the orbs. Pearling eventually lost its way to oil and industry due to the combination of its allure and hazard. Dubai’s rich and colorful history still shows through in today’s bustling city, which is a hive of tourism, commerce, and energy. Dubai’s food is still as unique as it was in the days of yore, in terms of its appearance, fragrance, taste, and aroma.

When visiting Dubai, whether for business or pleasure, don’t forget to refuel. Dubai is a culinary wonderland, with a wide range of cuisines, ingredients, and spices to choose from. Here are seven meals from Dubai that you must try if you ever get the chance to visit the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. To put it another way, these are some of Dubai’s most well-known dishes.

Stuffed Camel

Dubai’s stuffed camel is regarded as one of the world’s most opulent and festive dishes, according to the Guinness World Book of World Records. An open flame is used to cook stuffed camels, which may be filled with everything from chicken and eggs to fish and lambs. Because it is so extravagant, Stuffed Camel is only offered on exceptional occasions, festivals, Bedouin ceremonies, or other significant cultural or family events in Dubai. You should organize your journey around this meal if you don’t want to miss it.

In Dubai, Shawarma Is A Delicacy.

Even outside of the United Arab Emirates, this meal has become a staple. Shawarma is a kind of Middle Eastern sandwich made with slow-roasted and seasoned meat, such as chicken or lamb. A limitless variety of side dishes may be offered with this dish if served in an Arabic flatbread. Eaten at a shawarma joint in Dubai is an experience that should not be missed. It really is one of Dubai’s greatest meals.

Dubai’s Al Harees Family

This recipe is a labor of love, taking hours to prepare despite the simplicity of the ingredients. You can’t even differentiate the grain from the meat after the mixture has been cooked for a long period of time with a bit of salt in it. Later, the mixture is cooked at a low temperature for a further few hours. Harees is a simple meal from the region of rich spices that offers a refreshing change of pace to the palate.

Located in Dubai, Mehalabiya

Rosewater and pistachios are the main ingredients of Mehalabiya, a pleasant dessert. It has the flavor like an oasis in the middle of a desert: nourishing, rejuvenating, and calming. After-dinner Mehalabiya is a popular choice for youngsters, and it’s a refreshing alternative to dessert for adults.

It’s Ghuzi in Dubai

This meal, which is also known as Khuzi or Ouzi, is cooked with whole-roasted lamb or sheep and served on kebab skewers with veggies and hazelnuts over rice. Due to its status as a complete meal, it is quite popular in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, Ghuzi is the national meal. Therefore a vacation to the region isn’t complete without it.

UAE Matchbous

Matchbous is another lamb dish that uses a lamb seasoned with Loomi. It’s produced with limes that have been dried and seawater. Tomatoes and rice are added to the stewed lamb. To describe Matchbous as a classic cuisine of Dubai, one would have to describe it as a unique combination of sharp, spicy, and rich flavors.

Esh Hasarya is the seventh candidate.

The bread of the harem, esh Hasarya, is a treat in its own right. It has a cheesecake-like consistency with cream icing. This cake is so decadent that it almost dissolves in your tongue. It’s no surprise that it’s one of Dubai’s most popular sweets.

In Dubai, these are the best drinks to have.

Get your hands on a few of these delicious drinks while you’re in Dubai and enjoy them.


Saffron, cinnamon, and ginger flavor Dubai’s national drink, the sweet chai tea. It tastes better when accompanied by something sweet.

Caffeine in the Arabic Language

Do you prefer coffee or tea? In Dubai, the café scene is second to none. Beers from the area are regarded as some of the world’s finest. Arabic coffee, also known as Gahwa, is spiced with cumin and saffron. A Dallah (Arabic for coffee pot) is used to serve the beverage, which is often accompanied by delicious dates.

Are You Wondering Where In Dubai You Can Get All Of These Delectable Delicacies?

You can get most of these dishes at any number of the city’s many local eateries, but if you want to sample the best of the best, taking one of these top Dubai culinary tours is recommended. Alternatively, you might choose a private tasting trip with 10 samples or a half-day street food tour.

Visiting Dubai is certain to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. When you’re standing on the pristine shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be hard-pressed to forget the majestic metropolis of glass, concrete, and metal. While in Dubai, don’t forget to sample the city’s culinary offerings as well as its sights and business prospects. There are few flavors in the world as distinct as Dubai’s.

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