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How to find Best Foods in London China Town at night

by Parba
Foods in London China Town

All the actions of the London China Town night come alive with the right food and enjoyment. This is where it comes our article with all the information.

For night owls, Chinatown in London is a haven. There are karaoke spots and dance floors operating till the wee hours of the morning alongside lively eateries and some of London’s top cocktail bars concealed above and below the city’s busy streets. Here are the top spots in Chinatown for after-hours fun, eats, and beverages, from after-work drinks and mahjong to fantastic cocktails and late-night culinary discoveries.

Before Going to Sleep

The Blue Posts pub, located only two doors down on Rupert Street, has been transformed into the ideal local hangout by the Palomar team. Work your way through an impressive selection of locally brewed cask ales and, if you get hungry, the Black Country ‘No-Nonsense Pork Crunch’ is pub snacking royalty.

Time to Play Pre-Dinner Mahjong At 7 pm

XU, a 1930s Taipei-inspired tea shop, is only a few doors down for some pre-dinner fun. Two permanent mahjong rooms may be found inside XU Teahouse & Restaurant. However few people are aware of this fact. Spend an evening drinking seasonal cocktails and stuffing your face with XU’s legendary Shou Pa Chicken, which is now available for two-hour rentals. For those who are unfamiliar with the regulations, a brief tutorial and cheat sheet are supplied.

At 8 p.m., we’ll be eating.

There are a plethora of unique and delectable supper alternatives in London’s Chinatown. C&R Café, Olle, JinLi, and Shu Xiangge are just a few of the many restaurants in the area that provide a wide range of cuisines.

Dessert is served at 9 p.m.

Dessert is a necessary part of every delicious dinner, so leave space for a stroll down Newport Court, often known as ‘Dessert Alley.’ In addition to Filipino Mamaison’s Dirty Ice Cream and matcha skill at Tsujiri and inventive dessert experts RORO, the offerings are heavenly and delicious. The following addresses are located in London: 32-34 Newport Court. Postal Code: WC2H 7PQ

The Karaoke begins at 1 o’clock

Karaoke is an essential part of every visit to Chinatown in London. Take Gerrard Street back to Plum Valley for a private karaoke experience in one of their four rooms. Sing your heart out with a bunch of friends while sipping on a Lychee Martini.

11 p.m. – Vietnamese Cocktails and Bar Snacks available.

It’s time to cool down with a few drinks after a night of classic rock. A variety of award-winning cocktail bars can be found in Chinatown, which is located in central London. Head to Viet Lounge, a recently established art-deco bar for expertly prepared drinks and tasty Vietnamese bar snacks from Head Bartender Alex Louis. Viet Lounge’s primary bar is located on the 3rd level, where you can sit and watch Looi whip up drinks with Asian syrups that she has produced herself. Ho Chi Minh and Gangnam Style are just two of the exotic cocktails on the menu.

At 12 p.m., Opium Cocktail Bar hosts “A Journey through China.”

The opulent multi-story drinking hole Opium, located beyond Gerrard Street’s jade-green entrance, will transport you to a bygone Chinese period with perfectly blended tipples and magnificent settings as you continue your cocktail tour. Peony, Opium’s secluded secret bar, has recently unveiled a delectable new cocktail menu including 10 unique concoctions, each inspired by a different Chinese city. “A Journey through China” is the title of Peony’s menu that spans the whole of the immense nation, from the rugged northwest city of Urumqi to the megacities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. When it comes to a cocktail in the Opium style, it’s less about the components in the glass and more about how it’s put together. If you want to wind down for the evening, Opium is open until 3 am (Thurs-Sat).

After midnight, a DJ will be on the decks.

ICHIBAN freshly established ICHIBAN has house DJs every weekend for late-night dancing. Take a break from dancing and sip on a drink from the vast Japanese whiskey, gin, and craft beer selections, as well as an inventive new cocktail menu, at 2 am.

2-A.M. – Late Night Dumpling Buffett

Good nights always conclude at your neighborhood takeout shop. When it comes to late-night Chinese food in London’s Chinatown, forget about chicken and chips or a kebab. Only at Dumplings’ Legend can you get a late-night fix for dumplings, thereby living up to its name. On weekends, it’s open until 2.30 am and serves a wide variety of steamed treats, including its iconic ‘Xiao Long Bao.’

3-A.M. – Time for Delivery

Hung’s, a late-night favorite in Chinatown London, is the ultimate resting place for ravenous night owls. Even though the restaurant is open till 4 am every day, you can still get your hands on some delicious noodles or a variety of Cantonese BBQ meats, especially if you’re unsure of what to order.

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