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Best Choices with the Right Hair Choices

by Parba
Right Hair Choices

Restoring shine to dull hair is possible thanks to simple gestures. These are advice on a case-by-case basis, to make it sparkling.

This shade is rarely 100% natural. It is most often a lightening that will have weakened the hair. Result: the hair fiber is brittle, its scales open and its surface has trouble reflecting light. And the more intense the discoloration, the more the hair is likely to be dull. Thus, polar blonde or platinum blonde hair often has a matte appearance. The solution: use and abuse nourishing masks to repair lengths and gradually gain shine. Also bet on a de-tangling with an acidic pH (less than 7), in order to close the scales of the hair. And to better reflect the light, opt for a light styling wavy. This set of reliefs allows by optical effect, to bring shine. To finish, use dry oils or dry serums, which shine without greasing or weighing down. For silky smooth hair at home this is most essential.

Make Your Brown Shimmer

The brown hair brown tends to better reflect light as long as they are well maintained. To prevent the hair fiber from being too porous, use treatments with nourishing properties. Add some drops of argon oil to a dose of the mask. This helps bring more nutrition and shine to the hair. If you are brushing, be sure to dry your hair perfectly. If they are not completely dry, they will tend to turn dull. Finally, always remember to fix the styling with the cold air of the hair dryer. By imprinting the movement of the hairstyle, it promotes shine. As a final touch, choose styling products with thicker and less dry textures, to give relief. Finally, take care of the brushing: morning and evening, it is the fatal weapon to eliminate dust and pollution, and to distribute the sebum over the lengths.

Illuminate Her Curls

The curly hair is always short of brilliance because the sebum is unable to stretch the lengths. In addition, their reflection surface is small. And the curlier they are, the less they shine. To restore their radiance, use a specific leave-in treatment, often in the form of a cream, which nourishes and reshapes the curls. Dry your lengths by placing them in the diffuse nozzle of the hair dryer, this avoids friction and attacks which alter the shine. If possible, prefer a device whose temperature is not too high. And between two shampoos, slightly moisten the hair then reapply the special curl care. Then take a few locks with the curling iron, to add spring and shine. You can, as a finish, spray a veil of shiny spray, which acts like a gloss on the hair.

Boost Your Colored Hair

After two or three weeks, the coloring is already starting to age. To give it some extra pep, use a weekly re-pigmentation treatment, which depending on the shade chosen, strengthens the color or neutralizes unsightly reflections. Its effect lasts about 3 shampoos. The purple shades the golden blonde reflections which turn to yellow, the brown inhibits the coppery which invites itself in the chestnut and the yellow erases the gray of the ash blonde. If your red is washed out, choose a tone-on-tone product. You can, if you wish, mix it with your mask, for a softer effect, and more regular use (twice a week).

Treat the Rinsing

Shampoo or poorly rinsed care systematically alters the shine of the hair fiber hence the importance of not neglecting this step. It should last several minutes and be longer than the shampooing time. Rinsed hair creaks under the fingers. Take care to loosen the roots when rinsing, to prevent shampoo foam or de-tangling or mask residue from remaining lodged between the strands. Finally, to dissolve the lime content in tap water, perform a double rinsing. The first, with an acidic formula: a vinegar-rinse aid, a toilet vinegar or water with lemon juice added. The second is based on ice water, to remove residues from the previous product. The alternative: a spray of floral water, to spray as a final touch directly on the lengths to eliminate the limescale.

Right Hair Choices

Brush Carefully

It is the gesture which makes it possible to eliminate the knots, and to remove dust, pollen and residues of styling products. It also helps to distribute the sebum on the lengths to bring them shine. It should be done morning and evening, starting with the ends to untangle and then working your way up to the roots. Prefer natural fiber bristles such as boar bristles, which contain keratin and boost the shine of the hair fiber. On the other hand, forget about the poor quality plastic brushes, which can break the hair and make it prone to static electricity. The added trick for easy styling and shiny hair: lacquer your brush to discipline and shine in a single gesture. For a flawless shaping, you can also use a heated brush, which smooth and leaves the hair silky.


Unlike natural henna, this plant does not color the hair but sheaths it and makes it shine. Mix some with water and leave for 30 minutes to an hour under stretch film. You can also mix two tablespoons of neutral henna powder, 3 tablespoons of conditioner and a tablespoon of argon oil while respecting the same exposure time. Rinse thoroughly. This preparation can be used once or twice a month, or even more if you feel the need. The fiber regains a mirror effect. Be careful if you have white hair, gray or polar blond, because some formulas can bring yellow highlights to this light hair. On this type of hair, it is better to avoid it or reduce the pause time and the frequency of use.

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