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Healthy and Glowing Skin: How You Can Bring It with the Best Habits

by Parba
Healthy and Glowing Skin

Certain reflexes may seem harmless to us but have a real impact on our skin quality. Hydration, wrinkles, pimples, they are sometimes the source of our main skin concerns.

Here are good beauty habits to adopt that could radically transform your skin. Let’s go to have clear and naturally radiant skin.

To Drink a Lot of Water

Getting enough hydration every day is a good habit that is as beneficial for our health as it is for the beauty of our skin. Have you ever noticed how much your skin changes in appearance when you forget to drink enough water for a few days? The epidermis generally loses in comfort, suppleness and radiance, in addition to taking on a crumpled and frozen appearance because dehydration fine lines widen.

To avoid these small wrinkles linked to dehydration of the skin, nothing like drinking at least 1 liter of water per day. An amount that is increased by the water intake via the diet thanks to fruits and vegetables. During periods of physical activity or in the event of extreme heat in the summer, it is even advisable to drink nearly 2 liters of water per day in order to compensate for water loss through perspiration. Keep in mind that to have beautiful skin, it is important to drink enough water every day. The right reflex to take is to remember to hydrate yourself regularly before you even feel thirsty. Here are the Habits For A Healthy & Glowing Skin that you should know about.

Put On Sunscreen

Do you use an SPF 50+ index treatment to tan in the sun without damaging your skin in summer? It is very good. But if you leave your skin unprotected when you go on the patio in the spring that matter, then you’re not protecting your skin enough from photo aging. When you are outside, your skin is subjected to UVs, some of which even penetrate the clouds. In short, there is no need for it to be sunny or to tan for your skin to be subjected to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays which generate free radicals which accelerate skin aging. To counter this, it is advisable to apply sun protection every day. The full screen is not mandatory on a daily basis in winter, but the higher your protection index, the better your skin will be protected. Knowing this, you will therefore have no reason not to finish your tube of sunscreen when you return from vacation. No more waste. For the less sunny months, know that today many brands offer moisturizers with integrated sun protection.

Think about it, your skin will age less quickly and will also be less prone to age spots.

Night Care for Your Skin

It is at night that the skin repairs itself. By day it is already far too busy protecting itself as well as possible from the external aggression it undergoes (UVs, pollution, etc.) in order to be able to regenerate. Daily basis, she therefore does not have the time necessary to recover and properly tackle cell regeneration. It is more precisely between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. that the epidermis goes into the recovery phase, and around 1 a.m. that it is at its maximum efficiency in renewing and strengthening itself. It is therefore very important to adopt a routine that gives pride of place to sleep in order to display healthy and luminous skin when you wake up. So plan nights of at least seven hours to promote the regeneration of your skin, take full advantage of its natural repair mechanisms,

Consume Beauty Drinks

Drinking water is essential and very useful for showing good skin texture, but water is far from the only drink that can help you maintain beautiful skin. Indeed, detox drinks for example (detox water, detox teas) are also very useful in helping us eliminate toxins from our body, the very ones that tend to trigger skin problems. Similarly, other beauty drinks enriched with vitamins or active ingredients that are good for the skin are also sold by certain cosmetic brands as alternatives to conventional food supplements (in the form of capsules): cocoa, match, etc. for all tastes. Finally, we can also talk about bone broth, this broth that brings a shot of collagen to the skin to help keep skin young.

Massage Her Face

Healthy and Glowing Skin

If you have ever had the chance to have your face pampered by a beautician, then you certainly noticed that right afterwards, your face looked particularly relaxed, that your skin was just as relaxed and that your complexion was particularly fresh and radiant. The practitioner does not provide a massage when applying facial treatments.


While not everyone can regularly afford facial treatments in a salon, it is however possible to massage your face yourself every day to benefit from the benefits of facial massage at home. The latter stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration, while toning the muscles of the face to prevent the appearance of wrinkles when it does not prevent them from widening too quickly. One to five minutes of massage when starting your daily care and you will see a beneficial effect in the long term.

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